Hidradenitis suppurativa (Hundebrustkrankheit)

The reason is not entirely explained. One of the accepted formation mechanisms is the result of “blockage of clay follicles in areas where the diapers are particularly dense (under the seat, spoon, breast, hip)”. It is also a chronic skin disorder that is seen in the mentioned areas with painful lesions or nodules.

Most often, the underarms and spoons can be seen in areas where skin contact with skin, such as breast, hip circumference, thigh inner face, etc. It is rarely seen in the rest of the regions.

can be seen at any age. In addition, the frequency of appearance is reduced since the age of 50.

Diagnosis of HS, a chronic skin condition, can be clinically diagnosed. The first application for this disease must be specialist dermatologist (skin) physicians.

HS is a disease that must be followed by dermatology, plastic surgery and/or general surgical experts together. The surgical decision should be made multidisciplinary. It has been emphasized that it is particularly suitable for patients who do not respond to medical treatment. However, when surgery was performed along with medical treatments, more positive results were obtained, even with limited data.