Neck Lift Aesthetics

The effects of old age and the saggings and wrinkles in the face and neck area are considered esthetically disturbing for many people. Neck lifting surgeries eliminate sagging skin and crinkles that cause an elderly image in a person, creating a young, dynamic look. For people with very little skin elasticity, it is preferable to use the thread lift. It is a small treatment taking approximately 30 minutes. In cases where the neck strap is not sufficient for a neck stretcher, surgery is a final solution. It is also possible to remove oily tissue from the area through a liposuction process that takes approximately 30-60 minutes in case of a complaint of oil build-up in the neck area.

During the lifting operation under general anesthesia, the neck skin and muscles are separated in the first place. After the skin has been stretched, the cut is discarded from the back of the ear near the scalp. That way, there won’t be a visible scar and won’t leave any trace. After approximately 2 hours of neck lifting surgery, the person can observe differences in the neck area. Swelling and bruising can occur in the area for up to 2 weeks, and pain can be felt. It is possible to spend this process with painkillers in accordance with the guidance of specialists in the field.

A week after the operation, one can go back to his daily life. in 20 days, the swelling and bruising begin to disappear, but it may take 3 months for the final result. The patient should protect himself from direct contact with the sun as much as possible during this process. With the loss of the marks, the desired young image is clearly observed in the neck area.