Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgical procedure to increase breast size and achieve a fuller appearance. This operation is generally preferred by people who have sagging, form disorders in the breast area due to breastfeeding, excessive weight loss, ageing or different conditions.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a type of operation that is a procedure of aesthetic surgery in the medical literature that people who have insufficient breast volume or who have experienced deterioration in the form of breast tissue in some way or who want a larger appearance aesthetically.

After natural processes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging, a decrease in breast size may also be seen. Breast augmentation can help women feel more confident and more attractive to them.

How are breast augmentation surgeries performed?

For breast augmentation surgery, the size of the silicone (prosthesis/implant) to be placed in the breast is decided according to the anatomical characteristics and desire of the person. It is decided from which region the incision will be opened and placed in the breast. These regions to be incised can be places such as the inframammarian sulcus, nipple circumference, axillery region. Small incisions are opened to this area and the desired prosthesis/implant is placed under the breast tissue, on the muscular or under the muscular plan.

Breast augmentation surgeries are a surgical procedure and are usually performed under general anesthesia. In general, breast augmentation surgery covers the process of anesthesia, incision, implant placement and closing incisions.

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Istanbul Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices 2023

Breast augmentation surgery prices are a frequently asked question by our patients and can vary depending on many factors. These factors can vary according to the quality of the hospital or clinic, the success of the surgeon in this field, the type of implant used, the technique to be applied, the quality of surgical materials used, the needs of the patient and additional diseases. Therefore, you can contact our doctor to get a clear idea of the prices.

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Under what circumstances is breast augmentation performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgical procedure to increase breast size and achieve a fuller appearance. This operation is generally preferred by people who have sagging, form disorders in the breast area due to breastfeeding, excessive weight loss, ageing or different conditions.

In addition, people may experience breast loss after certain illness or accident. In such cases, breast augmentation operation can be performed. It can also be made for aesthetic purposes due to the fact that the two breasts are different sizes due to the asymmetric appearance or due to the lack of self-confidence due to the small size of the breasts. In addition to wanting to make the appearance different aesthetically, people who are in the stage of gender change can also have breast augmentation operation.

Breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgical procedure and is performed in accordance with the patient’s own preferences. Therefore, whether breast augmentation surgery should be performed depends on the patient’s own preferences and needs. However, it is useful to plan the choice of prosthesis in accordance with the anatomical dimensions of the person.

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What types of prostheses are used in breast augmentation processes?

The most common prostheses in breast augmentation surgeries are silicone gel prostheses that contain a silicone or saltwater solution. These prostheses are available in different shapes, sizes, surfaces and occupancy degrees and are selected according to the patient’s needs and preferences. Prostheses can be placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

Silicone implants usually give a softer texture feel and provide a more natural look. Saltwater solution prostheses, on the other hand, have a harder texture because they are less dense and may be harder to look natural. But both implants are approved by the FDA, and the results of the surgery can be preserved for many years. since 1963, silicone prostheses have been the most widely used material for this process. The technological developments have prevented complications such as the explosion, gel flow, form deterioration that occurred before.

Breast augmentation surgeries also have alternative implants, which are less commonly used. These alternative dentures include liquid-filled balloons, polyurethane foam-coated dentures, and sterile saltwater-filled pillow dentures.

The choice of prosthetics is made based on factors such as the patient’s breast size, shape, skin elasticity, age and general health status.

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Can breast augmentation be done with fat grafting (fat injections) instead of fillers?

Yes, breast augmentation can be done with fat injections. This method is performed by injecting excess fat in another area of the body into the breast area. This process is also known as “lipoinjection” or “fat graft.”

This method may be suitable for patients who want a small or moderate breast augmentation. Fat injections can give more permanent results compared to fillers because the injected fat cells are permanently located in the breast tissue. However, this method is not recommended for any person who is not suitable for breast augmentation. The suitability of fat injections for breast augmentation depends on whether there is enough excess fat in the patient’s body.

Breast augmentation with fat injection may be less invasive than breast replacement surgery, but the results may be more limited. Also, in the process of breast augmentation with fat injection, due to the fact that some of the injected fat cells die and are absorbed, the results can be variable. One session will often not produce enough results.

In addition, people who have a request for breast augmentation surgery are weaker and it is often not possible to find enough fat tissue in people who already have this type of body structure.

To learn more about this method and determine if you are eligible, it is recommended to consult a plastic surgeon.

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Are the implants used in breast augmentation surgery permanent?

Silicone prostheses used in breast augmentation surgeries are usually permanent and can remain durable for many years. However, implants can also wear out or deteriorate over time.

Silicone prostheses are made of quality materials that can last for many years. The implants are coated with a sealed outer layer and are designed to prevent the inside silicone gel from leaking or escaping. Therefore, it is rare for silicone prostheses to leak or damage the surrounding tissues.

However, silicone implants can also wear out or deteriorate over time. This usually occurs after 10 years. Deterioration of implants can cause the shape and size change or leakage . Therefore, in case of aging or deterioration of the prosthesis, the prosthesis may need to be replaced.

However, the permanence of silicone prostheses depends on the fact that the prostheses are made of quality materials, correctly placed and regularly monitored. To learn more about the permanence of silicone prostheses and to manage them correctly, it is recommended to consult with a plastic surgeon.

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Who is suitable for breast augmentation surgery?

Suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery are usually people with the following characteristics:

– Breast size: Breast enlargement surgery may be considered when the breast size and shape are not suitable for the person’s body proportions or affect the person’s self-confidence.
– Breast deformities: The patients who have Breast deformities, congenital or age-related changes may also be suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery.
– After breast cancer treatment: After breast cancer treatment, breast size may decrease after breast surgery or radiotherapy. Breast augmentation surgery can be used to rearrange the patient’s breast size. It is called breast reconstruction, you can find detailed information at Breast Reconstruction section.
– After birth and breastfeeding: Breast size and shape can change after birth and breastfeeding. Breast augmentation surgery can be used to rearrange breast size and correct deformities.
– Body weight: People who are overweight or obese are not suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery. First, they need to do diet and exercise to reach their ideal body weight.
– Health status: Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure for healthy individuals. However, people with certain health problems are not suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery.

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery, it is recommended that you consult a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the most suitable options for you and give detailed information about the pre- and post-operative processes.

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How to prepare before breast augmentation surgery?

Preparation before breast augmentation surgery is extremely important for successful and safe operation. The following steps can be used as an example of preparation before breast augmentation surgery:

– Talk to your plastic surgeon: Before breast augmentation surgery, you should consult with a plastic surgeon. It will also conduct an evaluation to determine your suitability for surgery.
– Preoperative tests for anesthesia: A series of tests may be done before surgery. These tests may include tests such as blood tests, electrocardiograms (ECG) and X-rays.
– Stop medications and other supplements: Discuss with your doctor before surgery the medications and other supplements you are taking. Some medications and supplements may increase the risk of bleeding after surgery. Therefore, you may need to discontinue the use of these medications for a few days before surgery.
– Quit smoking: Smoking is associated with many risk factors that can affect recovery after surgery. It is recommended that you stop smoking before surgery.
– Take care of your pre-operative diet: Follow a healthy diet before surgery and make sure you drink enough water. Also, follow your surgeon’s recommendations about eating or drinking within the few hours before surgery.
– Find someone to help: For a few days after surgery, your movements may be restricted and you may need help. Therefore, it is recommended that you find someone to help you after the surgery.

During the pre-operative preparation process, it is extremely important that you follow your surgeon’s recommendations and instructions. In this way, you can ensure that the operation is performed successfully and smoothly.

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What problems can be encountered after breast augmentation surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery, some possible problems may include:

– Pain and discomfort: You may feel mild to moderate pain for several days after surgery. Therefore, your surgeon may prescribe pain medication for you.
– Bruises and swelling: Bruising and swelling may occur for several days after surgery. However, these are usually temporary on their own and disappear within a few weeks.
– Scars: Scars may remain from incisions made for breast augmentation surgery. However, usually incision sites are made under the chest or in dark skin folds under the nipple, and therefore the scars are often invisible or remain minimal.
– Infection: As with all surgical procedures, breast augmentation surgery carries a risk of infection. However, modern surgical techniques and sterilization procedures keep the risk of infection to a minimum.
– Asymmetry: Asymmetry between breast sizes can sometimes occur after surgery. This may be due to the placement of implants or the difference in natural breasts. It is important to take care to conduct detailed examination before surgery and to work with a reliable surgeon in order to avoid the problem of asymmetry.
– Loss of breast sensation: A feeling of numbness in and around the nipples may occur temporarily after surgery. This usually resolves on its own within a few weeks.

The above problems are mostly mild and temporary. After surgery, the patient is kept under observation for several hours and then discharged. Also, doctors often give patients post-operative care instructions, such as wound care, movement restrictions, and activity recommendations. However, if you experience any problems, it is important to contact your surgeon immediately.


📌 Procedure Breast augmentation
📌 Reasons for preference Breast size, breast deformity, after breast Cancer, after childbirth and breastfeeding, after excess weight
📌 Treatment Options Silicone (prosthesis/implant), oil injection
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Are breast augmentation surgeries risky?

Since breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, it has risks like any surgical procedure. These risks can often be reduced depending on the patient’s health status and the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery. It is very important that potential candidates understand the risks, follow the procedure as needed, and receive the recommended care after surgery. However, we can easily say that breast augmentation surgery does not create a situation that will directly endanger the life of the patient. Breast augmentation surgeries are usually performed successfully and safely. The plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery will take the necessary measures to minimize any risks, taking into account the patient’s health status and suitability for surgery.

Do I need to stay in the hospital during breast surgery?

Breast surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and after surgery, the patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight. However, depending on the scope of the surgery and the patient’s overall health, some patients may be discharged the same day after surgery. Breast augmentation surgery, although a minor surgical intervention, is an operation and may need to be monitored for some time after surgery.

Monitoring for a few hours after surgery can help the effect of anesthesia pass and may help detect possible postoperative complications early. In the postoperative period, depending on the patient’s health status and the extent of the surgery, your doctor may recommend you stay in the hospital or recommend resting at home. However, if you experience any problems after surgery, remember that you should contact your doctor right away.

Do breast implants explode?

The risk of bursting breast silicone prostheses is very low, but this is not entirely impossible. It is a rare condition and usually occurs for long-term reasons, such as aging or damage to the prosthesis. The explosion of silicone prostheses can show symptoms such as pain, swelling, hardening, shape change in the breast. When these symptoms occur, it is important to contact your doctor immediately.

In order to prevent the explosion of silicone prostheses, it is important to select the appropriate size and type of prostheses, perform the surgery by a specialist surgeon, and regularly check the prostheses. Implants cannot be expected to last a lifetime, so they may need to be replaced at certain intervals.

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Göğüs büyütme operasyonu için yaş sınırı yoktur, ancak genellikle 18 yaşından büyük kadınlar için önerilir. Çünkü 18 yaşından önce, göğüsler hala gelişme aşamasındadır ve büyüme süreci tamamlanmadığı için meme büyütme operasyonu sonrasında değişiklikler olabilir.

Göğüs büyütme operasyonu için uygun adaylar, 18 yaşından büyük, sağlıklı, fiziksel olarak olgunlaşmış kadınlardır. Adaylar, meme boyutlarından rahatsız olan, asimetrik göğüsleri olan veya meme kanseri sonrası rekonstrüksiyon yapılması gereken kadınlar olabilir. Ancak, meme büyütme operasyonu için uygunluğunuz, bir plastik cerrah tarafından yapılacak detaylı bir değerlendirmeden sonra belirlenmelidir.

How long does breast augmentation surgery take?

The duration of breast augmentation surgery may vary depending on the technique used, the type of implant and the surgeon’s experience. Usually, the surgery takes about 1-2 hours. However, in some cases, the duration may be shorter or longer.

Can a larger implant be inserted after breast augmentation surgery?

It is possible to change with a larger silicone prosthesis after breast augmentation surgery. However, this decision should be made by your doctor, and it is usually necessary to wait at least 6-9 months after the first surgery. Also, fitting a larger implant may not be appropriate depending on whether the skin and tissues have enough flexibility, as it can increase stress on breast tissue. Therefore, it is best to follow your doctor’s recommendations in any case.

When can breast augmentation surgery be returned to daily life?

After breast augmentation surgery, patients can usually return to their normal daily activities within a few days. However, immediately after surgery, it may take a few days for patients to rest and recover. During the first week after surgery, heavy physical activity should be avoided and rest should be avoided. The healing process can vary depending on factors such as the person’s overall health, the complexity of the surgery, the type of anesthesia used, and the size of the prostheses used. Following your doctor’s recommendations after surgery and following his or her instructions can speed up the healing process and reduce the risks of complications.

Is breast augmentation a painful procedure?

Breast augmentation can cause a level of pain that varies from person to person depending on the way the surgery is performed and the type of anesthesia used. Usually, immediately after surgery, patients may experience a slight feeling of pain and discomfort. However, this pain can usually be controlled with prescription painkillers or other medications. For several days after surgery, patients should avoid heavy physical activity, move slowly, and protect the surgical site. In this way, the healing process can be faster and more comfortable. In summary, the level of pain after breast augmentation surgery can vary from person to person, but usually the pain can be controlled.

Will there be scars after breast augmentation surgeries?

It is possible to leave scars after breast augmentation surgeries, but these scars are usually small and fade over time. The size of the incision after surgery, the type of surgery, the technique used, the location of the incision, the type of prosthesis used, it can vary depending on factors such as the person’s skin type and the healing process. The stitches are usually self-absorbed, so seams do not need to be removed.

In order to minimize the formation of scars after surgery, careful care and healing process is required after surgery. During this process, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations, keep the area clean and dry, protect it from the sun’s rays, and protect the area while exercising. In addition, creams and lotions to be used during the healing process can also help reduce scars. As a result, it is possible that small scars may remain after breast augmentation surgeries, but these scars may fade over time and usually do not constitute an aesthetically uncomfortable condition for a large proportion of patients.

Does the use of silicone in breast augmentation surgery affect breastfeeding?

Silicone prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery do not affect breastfeeding. However, due to incisions and other factors made during surgery, some women may experience breastfeeding problems. Since silicone prostheses are placed under the breast tissue, they do not cause problems in the milk formation and flow line.

Women planning breast augmentation surgery should discuss breastfeeding with their doctor before surgery and assess any possible risks. In addition, during the post-operative recovery process, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations to minimize the problems that may occur with breastfeeding.

Does the breast augmentation cause breast sagging?

Breast augmentation surgery does not cause breast sagging when done with the right technique and appropriate prosthesis selection. However, in some cases, breast augmentation surgery can make breast sagging worse. In particular, in women with more breast tissue, the breast tissue can be stretched and sagged further if large and heavy implants are used. Therefore, before breast augmentation surgery, doctors evaluate the structure of the patients’ breast tissue and the risk of breast sagging.

If breast sagging is already present, breast augmentation surgery alone may not be enough. Additional surgical interventions such as breast lift surgery may be required to correct breast sagging. For this reason, it is important that patients with breast sagging discuss this issue with their doctors in detail before breast augmentation surgery.

I get bored of implants, can they be removed?

Yes, breast prostheses are not permanent and can be removed at any time. However, removal of prostheses requires surgery, and this procedure carries some risks. Removal of prostheses is a more complicated process as the capsule between the breast tissue and the prosthesis needs to be cleaned. Therefore, the process of removing prosthetics can be more difficult than breast augmentation surgery. In addition, problems such as changes in breast tissue, deformity or sagging may occur after the removal of prostheses.

After the removal of the prostheses, patients can live without a breast prosthesis. However, changes in breast tissue may occur and the breast size may shrink. In some cases, additional surgical interventions such as breast lift surgery may be required after the removal of prostheses. In summary, it is possible to remove breast prostheses, but removing prostheses also requires surgery, and this procedure carries some risks. Therefore, before removing prostheses, it is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your doctor.


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