Breast Repair with Prosthesis

One of the most common methods for breast repair (reconstruction) is considered by two different options: implants : saline or silicone gel. A simpler and shorter operation compared to breast repair with abdominal tissue, the removed tissue is replaced by an implant in the breast repair.

In prosthetic breast repair, which varies according to the patient’s physiology, skin in this region is extended if needed. In this treatment, the breast extender placed under the chest wall is inflated by injecting serum at intervals. Once the skin has reached the required width, with a second operation, the tissue extender is removed from its location, and replaced with a permanent breast implant. Breast prosthetics are made from a material that does not explode under pressure unless it is pierced by a penetrating tool. If it is punctured, it does not cause any damage to the body due to the special gel contained in it, nor does it flow.

Complications such as infections and dissonation of prosthetics can occur in the repair of breast reconstructions, even if they are rare after the operation. In addition, that a hard tissue may develop around the prosthetic, resulting with loss of the natural image of the breast  is one of the problems  that can be rarely seen. Such situations are quickly controlled by the direction of our expert staff and treated as soon as possible. The process of returning to the patient’s normal life after the application of prosthetic and breast repair is between 2 and 4 weeks. This process may vary depending on the medical profile of the case…