Pressure Sores

A bed wound, also known as a pressure wound, often appears on the bone protrusions. Bed wounds usually seen around the hips can occur in many other parts of the body. If they are not treated, the most common causes of bearing wounds that reach life-threatening dimensions are shown as friction, moisture and tears, where a certain part of the body is under constant pressure.

Skin redness appears in the first stage of the bed wound classified in 4 different stages depending on the severity. The first and second stage can be improved by self-dressing and maintenance, while stage 3 v4 4 should be evaluated and follow-up by the plastic surgeon. Surgical treatment may be necessary, given the general condition of the patient.

Reducing the pressure in the affected area in bed wound treatment is a priority practice. In order to prevent infection under the control of a physician, the necessary care and medication must be applied if necessary. Good nutrition for bed wound patients is crucial to the healing of the wound. The treatment process is a team job and staff who specialize in wound care is needed to intervene. In addition, the area that is damaged by the guidance of a specialist should be carefully cleaned and then kept dry.